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Newbie here...
sirdrakesheir wrote in gibbsfanciers
I had no idea there was such a community. 

I'm in love with Joshy, so I was a little...


Upon discovering it. 

But it seems to be very sleepy. 

This makes me nervous. 

But, yay! 

Friends! Comrades! 


He is just teh sex. That's all there is to it. His reaction when Jack dies is heartwrenching. He made me cry when I first saw DMC. 


He has a teddy bear. A. Teddy. BEAR! How sexy is that? *molests him* And he's all fatherly towards Elizabeth, and it's cool. 


He gets the girl! He. Gets. The. GIRL! Or rather, girls. No one else actually does. But he does! *squishes him*

And his storytelling abilities turn me ooooon.... 

And! He wrote a book. For wibble kid-a- the-end.

And also! He has a baby sister named Margret. And he probably is way over protective of her and SEXY! 

That is all.

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Huzzah! Welcome fellow Gibbs lover! ^_^ [hug]
Yes, he is a teddy bear, and a sex magnet. ;) We all glompeth him to death.

Again, welcome to the community. ^_^

Carpe Noctem~
Emo Hazard.

No, not is, HAS. (well, he's that too...)

In AWE. The strumpet scene. He has a little teddy bear. He huggles it.

I think its name is George.

;p lol Me and my bad eye sight.

Yes, the teddy bear was adora-bibble. ♥^_^♥ [secretly wishes to have been one of the strumpets ;p]

Me too... I squeed at that part. Gibbs/Strumpet fic waiting to happen!

And still waiting. Apparently.

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