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Kevin McNally
joshamee noose
selvatica wrote in gibbsfanciers
I'm not sure if you are interested in Kevin McNally (as well as Joshamee), but if you are, I've done some screen caps from Poldark 2 (1977) when Kevin was 21.

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OMG those are awesome! I am going to post a link on the message board for these if you don't mind. Someone was asking for pics of young Kevin just yesterday!

Thanks Anita!

You are very welcome :)

is it just me or would he have fit in perfectly as a hobbit in LOTR? *shrug* especially in that second last shot. :D
he's so sweet...

I see what you mean, perhaps it's the hair!

he has Merry's look... :)

Awww, a YOUNG Mr. Gibbs! He looks adorable! And I agree with cazcatharsis! He does look like a hobbit! It's probably the thick head of hair. Heheh. Thanks for sharing ^_^!

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