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The Pirate Mood Ring
POTC mood ring by Stowaway
linaelyn wrote in gibbsfanciers
No matter what mood the current season has brought you -- be you joyous or frustrated, gloomy or indifferent, thankful or confused -- we have a gift for you.

Welcome to the
Pirate Mood Ring
a present to fandom this holiday season
from the writers of Cultural Infidelities
(fabu, hija_paloma, the_stowaway and me, linaelyn).

We four have spent the past month or so writing drabbles to fit the 132 moods supported for livejournal posts. We have collected these at:


Additionally, there is a navigation table hosted at the Cultural Infidelities site, for ease in finding a specific mood. No spoilers for POTC: At World's End but anything in Curse of the Black Pearl or Dead Man's Chest is fair game for mention. Be advised: ratings on the individual drabbles range from family-friendly G to just-barely R.

We thank anniesj and circe_tigana for their generous permission to use the idea of a drabble series based upon livejournal moods, which they first pioneered with their LotRiPS Mood Ring. It was a lot of fun to play with this concept in the sandbox of Pirates of the Caribbean. We hope you enjoy it.

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